Timeline spreadsheet

A first draft of the Tour timeline in spreadsheet format. I think this will be easier to read than the calendar version. Tangible progress!

SFT Timeline

Also, I am fairly certain I will ride faster than I have projected. This means that I will have time to include additional communities and schools along the route. This timeline will be in a constant state of refinement.

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4 responses to “Timeline spreadsheet

  1. What an amazing venture! We’d love to be considered for a stop here in prairie du chien Wi!

    • Hi Lisa, thanks for your interest! I probably won’t be passing through Wisconsin but I will definitely be in touch if my the Tour route changes. I’m in the process of developing a ‘virtual participation’ program so please let me know if that is something your schools might be interested in.


  2. Great project!

    Ride through Pocahontas county and see the farm, right next door to Pearl Buck’s birthplace.

    Good luck from a fellow bikingfoodie!

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