Get Involved

A new SFT project is in development… Stay tuned for information on how you can become part of the SFT family!

Questions? Contact us!


5 responses to “Get Involved

  1. Sara,
    I helped start the Eugene Coalition for Better School Food in Eugene, OR. I would love to connect with you, connect you with others doing related work in Eugene, join you on some of your ride, host you if you come to Eugene, etc. Thank you for what you’re doing!!
    Carrie Frazier

  2. Sara,
    I am the founder of Better School Food. We are an organization that supports advocates who are working on grassroots level school food reform. I’d love to get your information out to the thousands of people on our mailing list.
    Contact me, let’s talk!
    Susan Rubin

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  4. Hi Sara,
    I hope you are doing well. I found your website through Jamie’s website.
    I want to be of help in your project which is similar to mine. I was wondering if you will renew your tour next year. Keep me posted !
    My website is

    Take care.

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