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Teacher resource: A healthy living book list

Michigan Team Nutrition has an excellent book list of over 400 titles that cover healthy living topics. This is a great resource for teachers looking to incorporate food and physical activity into their curricula.

New school lunch nutrition standards – USDA

The USDA released a revision of USDA nutritional standards today. You can find the entire document here. In summary, the new rules lay out a food-based meal planning system in order to ensure nutrient targets are met. This plan increases the amount of fruits, vegetables and whole grains served. It also includes efforts to limit saturated fat by means of restricting milk offerings to low or non-fat (flavored is still allowed in the non-fat variety). Additionally, the proposal provides new minimum and maximum caloric levels. Lots of progress, let’s keep the momentum alive!


Source: Federal Register, A Proposed Rule by the FNS 1/13/11