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schoolfoodtour_watermark-9The School Food Tour was developed by Sara Salo, MPH. Sara is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of communities through education, practical tools, and a dash of inspiration. Her goal is always to ensure that ALL residents have the knowledge and resources that they need to thrive. Sara received her Masters of Public Health degree, with an emphasis on Health Promotion, from Oregon State University in June of 2010. She currently resides in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. For more information about her current work, visit


A HUGE thank you to the fabulous SFT Team:

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Kirin Stryker: Curriculum Development Consultant

Erin Merz, Felice Beitzel, Mom & Dad and Grizwald the siberian husky: Thank you for the endless feedback and moral support. 
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16 thoughts on “The Rider

  1. Sara, hello! A dear friend of mine just told me of your project. We should talk. I just completed a cross-country solo bike trip focusing on sustainable food around the country a few months ago and am happy to offer ideas/contacts around the States. Bummer that I didn’t know about you when I was making my way through Oregon about a year ago, but c’est la vie. Good luck to you!

  2. Holly Corwin says:

    I wish you luck on your journey! As a fellow OSU MPH alum I’m personally cheering you on with a bit of pride. I’m so excited to hear about this dramatic, yet necessary, effort to reach our youth. If you are making any stops near Houston, Texas or even the Dallas area please let me know. I would love to support your efforts and assist in any way I can. Enjoy this amazing experience and congratulations!

    All the Best,

  3. Jess says:


    I think what you’re doing is no less than inspiring. I just took a look at your route and wished you were cycling through Columbus, Ohio cuz I’d cycle a handful of miles with you not to mention offer you a couch to crash on 🙂 Maybe if our states were more cycle friendly and welcoming to all kinds of mixed traffic, you wouldn’t have to do this 🙂

    Good luck and keep up the inspiring work.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Jess. Even though the Tour isn’t headed to your area I hope my ride will inspire you and others to take action and make change in your own communities. Live well!

  4. This is great. My wife does volunteer work in our local middle school garden, the fresh vegetables from which, are used to supplement the lunch menu. Since it looks like you will be coming through our area, I will try to pass the Tour info on to the appropriate people.

  5. Dear Sara,
    I am very inspired by your project. I am currently a master student on Information Design at the University of Reading, UK. My research interests are in how could we communicate to reduce obesity in children (that will be topic of my dissertation project!) I’m glad to hear that other women are doing something to create an impact! Good luck!

  6. Hi Sara,
    I am so impressed by the important work that you are doing. Congratulations on your tour.
    I see that you are concluding your tour in the Copper Country. I was hoping that you might consider visiting BRIDGE Alternative High School when you are in Houghton. Wellness is an integral component in the mission of BRIDGE. We are so excited to have received a grant for this semester to teach our students how to prepare healthy meals on a budget. We are hoping local chefs will contribute their expertise by coming into the school to give cooking lessons to our students. I believe the work that you are doing ties in well with this project.
    I hope you will consider visiting BRIDGE as you conclude your tour.

    Kind Regards,
    Bernadette Yeoman

  7. Josh says:

    It was great to have bumped into you out side of the bike shop in Lafayette, La. Wish I could have joined in the ride for a couple of days. Next time….. Keep your head up and mash them pedals!

  8. Gus Pecunia says:

    Hi Sarah! hearing just a little of your story I was amazed!
    It’s so wonderfull to see the generations are caring and teaching each other….YOU GO GIRL, Virginia welcomes you and thanks you for the important and wonderfull message you’re bringing to the kids!!

  9. Daityn Markham says:

    awesome work sara i just got to see you today at my school. I am so proud of you. When i found that you were doing this dering your route i was thinking of you every day and night
    daityn Mrs. Halls class

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