Let’s Move Let’s Move is much more than school food. This site contains information about how to promote physical activity & healthy eating in families, communities and educational settings. Be sure to check out the Take Action pages that describe ‘simple steps to success’. 

Jamie Oliver Jamie Oliver and his Food Revolution have been making waves in the school food world. His website is a great collection of information, toolkits and action plans. It’s all the basics in one place! PEACHSFis a comprehensive school food reform website that is especially useful for parents looking to get involved. Parents Educators and Advocates Connection for Healthy School Food (PEACHSF) provides how-to guides, resources and success stories from schools across the country.

The USDA The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is the organization that oversees the National School Lunch Program. Although navigating this site can be a bit tough it contains a large bulk of excellent information on the more technical and financial aspects of school food and health promotion. 

The Center for Ecoliteracy Rethinking School Lunch‘ by the Center for Ecoliteracy is one of the most clear and concise reports that I have read on school food reform. This publication provides detailed steps towards healthier lunch is available for free on their website along with a multitude of other documents. These resources are great for parents or school employees. 


School Food Tour: Guides to Action


The Parents’ Healthy Families guide to school food & healthy living at home. 





Easy ideas to improve food, increase physical activity & create a culture of wellness: HERE


Be a health leader in your school and at home! Fun ways to get involved



There’s more…

In an effort to keep this page clean & organized, I have listed only the the most comprehensive school wellness sites above. I have ENDLESS additional documents and resources available so please contact me if you have a specific query. Topics include: 

School Garden Best Practices,

Walk/bike Assessments,

Health Impact Assessments,

Bicycle Safety Instruction,

Farm to School,

Program Evaluation,

Farmers Markets,

Food Policy Councils,

Child Nutrition Reauthorization,

Joint Use Agreements,

Safe Routes to School,

Wellness Policies

and much, much more!

Lastly, here’s a Link to my old Resources list.


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