SFT Media images by Urdahl photo & Myers Photo:


The School Food Tour in the Media

  • TV 6 features the SFT’s Finals Miles

  • Above the fold in the Daily Mining Gazette.

  • SFT made the cover of U Magazine!

  • Lessons from the SFT on Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

  • The Source Weekly in Bend, Oregon, tracks Sara down on the road for an update

  • Food Rev Fires up San Diego on Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

  • Century City Patch covers the SFT at Uni High in Santa Monica

  • KCOY Santa Maria – School Food Tour Feature

  • Food Day kickoff on NBC San Diego

  • SFT celebrating Food Day on KPBS in San Diego

  • Inside USD Magazine

  • 5/20/11 – Welcome to Bend zine – Commute Options Edition

  • 5/2/11 – Sports feature in the Bend Bulletin‘s Cycling Central Feature

  • 4/1/11 – See the Tour in 1859, Oregon’s Magazine, page 24

  • 3/16/11 – Oregon State University’s Synergies magazine supports its alum

  • 2/15/11 – Cycle & Style, a women’s bike mag, supports the Tour

  • 2/10/11 – A fellow blogger writes about the Tour at The Lunch Tray

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