Go Be It: Implement change in your community

This is the first post in what will be a weekly series of suggestions to get involved with school food and cycling. I will be giving one simple (and fun!) idea for students, schools and families.  Let the growing of change commence!

Theme of the Week: Educate yourself


  • Introduce yourself to a kitchen staff member. Ask him or her what their favorite part of working in the cafeteria is. Share with your class.


  • Take a family outing (bike ride, walk, scooter roll, etc.) in your neighborhood. Take note of pedestrian/bike friendly areas along with obstacles to traveling car-less. Are destinations such as stores or parks within a reasonable distance?


  • Poll your students – what are their favorite cafeteria meals? Why?

Folks, remember: “Decide what to be and go be it.” -The Avett Brothers


Interesting Wednesday Tidbits

  • The Political Economy Research Institute released a case study of transportation infrastructure development in Baltimore. Their finding? Pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure projects create 4 to 5  more jobs per $1 million spent than road projects. Another reason to invest in bikes and active transport!
  • study by the Society of Actuaries published new figures estimating the cost of obesity and overweight. Their number: $300 BILLION.
  • Marion Nestle has written a couple of great articles recently. See this Atlantic piece for a summary on the new school food nutritional standards and her blog post about front-of-package labeling and the dietary quality of supposedly ‘healthier’ kids products.

Also – on a side note: As I progress in planning the School Food Tour I find that I am acquiring exciting new skills that I did not anticipate learning. Such as how to create a website. Cool!