My ‘Aha!’ Moment – The genesis of the School Food Tour

It truly was a moment of epiphany. My silly siberian husky Grizwald and I were out for our daily trail run along Central Oregon’s spectacular Deschutes River. Our customary hour of active repose had become a integral component in managing the frustrations that accompany a new graduate’s job search. As we bounded over lava rock with our focus on the rough trail ahead I began to ponder how I could create a job for myself. I wanted to integrate my passions into a cohesive initiative. Health. Bikes. Good food. Sustainability. Youth. Community.

I could do a bike tour? Nah, too selfish… What if I rode for a cause? It’s been done… How about a bike tour for a cause that engages youth in conversations about healthy living? And then the lightbulb switched on and the gears began to turn….

The journey has begun!