The Tour is featured in the Daily Peloton

The Daily Peloton, a fantastic online resource for up-to-date cycling news, featured the Tour in a recent article.

I’m really excited about facilitating partnerships between the cycling industry and the field of health promotion. I think that interdisciplinary initiatives have great potential to make substantial progress towards supporting healthier individuals and environments.


3 thoughts on “The Tour is featured in the Daily Peloton

  1. Rogue Valley Farm to School would be thrilled to have you make a stop in southern Oregon. Ashland, Medford and Grants Pass are school districts we are doing the most with. GP is really rocking the local in their cafeterias. We have a place for you to sleep, a fresh RVF2S t-shirt for you and I’d love to ride with you for a stretch as you journey on! Thanks for doing what you are doing

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