Media frenzy!

Ok, not really… But I did appear on Keen’s Hybridlife Radio yesterday. You can find the recording here. And today the Tour is featured on the awesome blog The Lunch Tray. I have really been enjoying spreading the word about the Tour and talking to individuals eager to get involved in healthy kids initiatives.

I had a great time in the studio yesterday with Hybridlife’s hosts Adam and Heather. Todd was in the corner operating all sorts of equipment while the rest of us chatted around a table cluttered with mikes, notes and computers. The show went really smoothly and conversation flowed easily during the 30 minute live broadcast. The only hiccup arrived in the form of a rouge golden retriever who attempted to nose his way into the recording studio during the middle of our piece. Luckily, we managed to suppress our giggles  and shoo him away without any major interruptions. I really enjoyed the experience and am hopeful that I will be able to update Hybridlife on the Tour’s progress throughout my ride.

Don’t forget – You can tune in to their great show every Wednesday at 1p.m. PST.

On a side note, I felt very fortunate to witness one of the more spectacular sunsets I’ve ever seen over Mt. Hood the the Central Oregon Cascades on my drive back to Bend from Portland. Additionally, I took Mr. Grizwald the Siberian Husky, for a jog along the waterfront downtown before our departure  and had a splendid urban run in the sunshine. I am feeling very thankful for life these days!


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