Lindsey Voreis: Inspiring women to get out and ride

My friend Lindsey and I, enjoying the hilarity of a goofy, mid-ride crash:

Riding bikes is Linsdey’s life. She is a leader within the cycling industry who works tirelessly to show women riders of all levels how bikes can empower, inspire and spread joy in our lives. I love talking to Linds about riding – her eyes light up at the mere mention of bikes and she’s always working on a new and innovative project. She and her husband Kirt (a legendary pro downhill racer) run Specialized’s AllRide Academy, a team that offers racing opportunities to aspiring young riders. It has been inspiring to watch Linds and Kirt dedicate their hearts and souls to providing opportunities for kids to have a real chance at following their pedal-powered dreams.

The video below is Lindsey’s latest wonderful creation:  women riding, laughing, living & riding some more. (Check out my cameo around 1:45.) Enjoy the film and please forward it along to the women riders (or potential riders) in your life!

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