Training and on-the-go fuel

I’ve had a number of questions regarding what I’ll eat while on the Tour and what sort of physical training I am undertaking. I recently had the opportunity to test out some great energy products while also putting in an extremely hard race effort.

Introducing… the Pole, Pedal, Paddle!

The Pole Pedal Paddle (PPP) is a  multi-sport race here in Bend, Oregon. The competition is friendly but intense, with the top three finishers in each category receiving a coveted PPP mug. It’s a great community event with participants ranging from elite athletes to family or corporate relay teams. The race starts at the top of  Mt. Bachelor’s alpine area and finishes near downtown Bend. The racers start with an uphill sprint to their skis, jump into their bindings and speed down the mountain through race gates. They then transition into a 10km cross-country ski, followed by a 22 mi road bike ride from Bachelor into Bend, then a 10km run, a 1.5 mi paddle on the Deschutes River and finally the race concludes with an 800m sprint to the finish line.

I competed in the women’s pairs competition with my good friend Lindsey Voreis under the team name “All Ride for School Food”. We alternated legs which meant that I was the cross-country skier, runner, and final sprinter. After my ski, as my driver whisked me away down the mountain, recovery was my priority. I made sure to ingest some GU Chomps and GU Electrolyte Brew in order to keep my body’s fluids balanced and my muscles fueled for the next leg. I am happy to report that after an exciting race, team All Ride for School Food ended up first in our age group!

GU products are designed to provide energy during sustained physical activity and they definitely kept my energy level high throughout the race. I also made sure to drink a bottle of GU’s Recovery Brew once the race was over – this drink contains protein which is a necessary component for quick muscle recovery.

I am excited to announce that GU has agreed to provide the School Food Tour with products for my use on the road. I will also be giving away Chomps and Energy Gels at all of the Tour group rides along my route. If you’re an active person I encourage you to try out this great company’s energy products today.

Thanks, GU!


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