Awesome bike people.

Last week I had the fantastic opportunity to meet up with a few folks doing great bike-centric projects. The Path Less Pedaled is a duo who have been touring since 2009, searching for interesting bike stories as they travel. Russ & Laura ride 20″ folding bikes made by the company Brompton. We met up in Bend for a fun conversation about our love of two-wheeled travel. I also shared a bit about the School Food Tour with them. Here’s our interview and the video recap of their time in Bend.

My other exciting meeting was with the producer of the bike documentary With My Own Two Wheels. This film is a fascinating look at how bikes change lives all around the globe. Although I missed the local showing I cannot wait to view this acclaimed production. Their team is producing a middle school curriculum to accompany the film and I am very excited about the many collaboration possibilities that we discussed.

Check out the trailer here:


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