Siskiyou Field Institute

Thanks to a hot tip from the friendly crew at the Country Folks Restaurant in Selma, Oregon, I took a very worthwhile detour to the Siskiyou Field Institute in the Illinois Valley.

It’s funny how seemingly disparate events interconnect in our lives each day. After a chance meeting months ago, the John Wayne Cancer Foundation became a sponsor of the School Food Tour. Fast forward to the present, and as I pedaled through the hills of Oregon as a Team Duke athlete, my interest was immediately drawn to a trivia question written on the chalkboard in a local cafe:

“Who was John Wayne’s college roommate?”

This query spurred a conversation with the waitress about John Wayne in which I learned that he frequented a ranch only 2 miles away. Directions in hand, I headed out to explore this old pastoral haunt of my benefactor.

There was a John Wayne tribute on display.

A beautiful setting between field and forest.

I bet this kitchen has put out some delicious meals.

Stunning vistas of the Illinois Valley from the patio.

The Institute provides education in nature.

A huge thank-you to the friendly staff for an impromptu tour. For more information about the programs and location of the Siskiyou Field Institute, visit their website.


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