Upcoming SFT events

As my pace of pedaling begins to mellow, the true work of the SFT will now begin. Rather than riding 50+ miles a day, I’ll be relatively stationary for the next week and a half in Sonoma County, California. Plans include visiting local schools and learning about the area’s sustainable ag initiatives.

SFT Schedule – September

  • 9/13 – Windsor School Visit
  • 9/14 – National Heirloom Expo, Santa Rosa
  • 9/15 – Occidental School Visit
  • 9/16 – Windsor School Rally
  • 9/18 & 19 – Farm Visits, Davis area
  • 9/20 – Davis School Visit & Bike/Walk Day
  • 9/21 – Davis Media Reception
  • 9/22 – Davis High School Visit
  • 9/26 to 29 – SFT Central Valley

One thought on “Upcoming SFT events

  1. Kimberly says:

    I see you are a fellow Perfect Foods Bar fan 🙂 Let me know when you are in the Phoenix area perhaps I can meet up and bring you a nice cold PFB.

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