University High – Santa Monica

“I used to be obese. Up until middle school I was 40 pounds overweight. Then my mom started buying healthier foods and I began playing soccer. Now I feel like a much healthier person.”

This story was shared by a student today at University High School in Santa Monica during our goal setting exercise. Period after period, classes filed into the campus outdoor amphitheater located on the site of the sacred Native American Serra Springs. The students learned about bikes, healthy food and the School Food Tour

An attentive class of high school students.

Our morning of School Food Tour talks culminated with an exciting bike giveaway during lunchtime. Students earned raffle tickets by demonstrating healthy habits, asking relevant questions during my presentations or bringing a wholesome lunch to the rally. Great DJ-ing was sustainably supplied by Jeff from Focus Entertainment who was set up with his solar panels and amps. He started rocking the music as soon as the lunch bell rang and soon a crowd gathered and the pile of tickets grew.

The lady who made it all happen - Nance!

The students crowded around as I drew the winning ticket and a very deserving young man ended up with the bike. After high fives and advice from me to “take good care of it”, he proudly scampered up the hill to show off to his friends. I am confident that he will  be an excellent owner of his brand-new Giant. More photos coming soon!

The crowd begins to gather!


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