Make health the cool kid

The cool kid. You all knew him or her. This person got invited to every gathering and was always the center of attention. They were included in everything, always. Well. I propose that we make health the new cool kid. So often it is forgotten in a flurry of packaging, processed foods and busy lives.

An interesting discovery at a local grocery store in Georgia, Publix, got me thinking about this analogy. There was a prominent kiosk amid the produce section with a full meal cooking demo underway. The Publix Apron’s program wants to bring families back to the table by making meals convenient and delicious. The rep said the program is very popular. Unfortunately the day’s meal was anything but nutritionally balanced. I love the concept but where’s the focus on health? Such an opportunity!

Health should be considered in every cooking demo, meal assistance program and school meal. Start inviting health to your party, every single day.


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