Georgia (and a girl from Oregon) ride to the Capitol

“Complete the streets! Complete the streets!”  This was the rousing cheer from the crowd at Atlanta’s Capitol building last week. I was lucky that my visit in the city coincided with the yearly Georgia Rides to the Capitol event. After meeting with Neil and the Metro Atlanta Cycling Club at a satellite location in Decatur, we rolled with hundreds of other cyclists towards downtown, meeting up with other groups along the way.

1,000+ people on bikes convened at the Capitol. Students, businessmen and lycra-clad racers stood side by side as the event took on a festival-like atmosphere. There were cheers, speeches and even s’mores made on the back of a bicycle!

A self-proclaimed "Pedalvore". Definition: Eating within the area that your bike travels. Love it!

I was impressed with the attendance and energy at Georgia Rides to the Capitol and wish these bicycle advocates the very best in the future. Thank you for making an Oregonian feel so welcome.


2 thoughts on “Georgia (and a girl from Oregon) ride to the Capitol

  1. Ben says:

    Looks like a man who has made his peace with burnt S’Mores. I’m glad to hear that Georgia sends such a turnout for an advocacy ride. Nice riding yourself – every time I check this blog it seems you’ve ridden farther, worked with more schoolkids, and met more interesting folks than one would think possible in a few short days’ time. Keep up the fine work.

    Cheers, Ben

  2. Pedalvore says:

    Sara, glad you made it home safely. My 19 yr old and I are in Verdun France doing the pedalvore thing you saw in Georgia. We arecamping tonite in Verdun and since campers her bring their bikes we get lots of conversations going about my cooking bicycle. I am an old framebuilder and the nineteen yr old and I made our bicycles out of leftover bike frame materials I had saved from 70’s and 80’s So I guess you would say we cooked up the bicycles before we started cooking and traveling on this trip. Internet is spotty and weird in eastern France but I hope we get to start posting to Pedalvore on twitter next week in Germany. We are on way to Vienna cooking all the way on my Custom Cooking Cycle. Thank you for posting your impression and enthusiasm at the Capitol in Atlanta and Ihope we meet again for more than the very brief chat we had. For your info kids here are slim smart and active. Kids ride bikes allover here and the food is so good but there definite emphasis on health here. Much success, Jim Bradford

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