Washington, DC: The arrival

On a bicycle tour it is easy to get absorbed into the rhythms of travel – pedal, eat, pedal, eat, sleep, eat, pedal, eat, pedal, sleep, etc. This cycle is a mesmerizing sort of existence and one tends to tune out everything besides these basic daily needs. Which is why, as I pedaled across the Arlington Memorial Bridge into our Nation’s capital, I felt as though I was riding out of a dream. After 4,000+ miles on the road I had finally reached the most important destination of the School Food Tour.

My first landmark, the Lincoln Memorial, loomed overhead as soon as I crossed the bridge. Grinning from ear to ear, with “I have arrived” echoing through my head, I stopped to absorb my surroundings (and send out a social media update) when before I knew it there was a group of foreign tourists snapping photos with me and flashing shakas. This bustle of activity set the stage for the rest of my stay in DC – meetings, tours and unexpected encounters filled my days. I’m catching up on blogging just as quickly as a girl on a bike can mange so stay tuned for many more stories and photos. Cheers ya’ll!


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