Calling interested SFT ambassadors!

How do you create a lasting program that is sustainable over the long-term? Add the participation of people with a vested interest in the issue!

Over the past 1o months I have contemplated again and again how best to keep the momentum from the School Food Tour moving forward. And although I loved life on the road, I can’t keep pedaling forever. So lately I have begun to explore the concept of a SFT Ambassador Program. Inquiries keep coming from folks looking to jump on board and this model seems like a perfect fit.

My vision: Each person or group would plan and conduct their own ride, long or short (perhaps without even leaving the city limits!), however they would undertake their journey with a unified goal of empowering students and communities to make healthier choices in their lives and school environments. Ambassadors would receive SFT riding shorts & jerseys, plus they could apply for grants to help finance their trips. Each SFT rider(s) would give a similarly structured presentation, with their own flair of course, and focus on outreach to schools or other youth organizations.

This plan is just in its formative stages, and hinges greatly on acquiring consistent funding, but if you have feedback or would like to put your name in as a possible SFT Ambassador, please get in touch. Stay tuned for more info!


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