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  1. HI Sara!

    From another Sara….I would love to help coordinate a local event for you in Greenville, SC. I am a fellow cyclist, health coach and foodie. I have just connected with a new bike shop in Greenville that caters to women riders. Maybe between us we could connect with local schools arrange an event. SC has some of the worst statistics in terms of childhood obesity.
    Look forward to connecting with you!

  2. Ronda Steffen says:

    Hi Sara,

    It would be great if you could stop by Evergreen Middle School in Evergreen MT (it’s right by Kalispell MT) and check out their lunch program.

  3. Sara,
    I saw your School Food Stinks article in the 1859 magazine. I am the Director of the Oregon Potato Commission (OPC) which represents all of the potato growers of Oregon. OPC is a quasi state agency formed to provide research and consumer education to help improve our industry. OPC and the entire US potato industry is currently working on the school lunch guidelines that have been proposed to USDA. We may be addressing the same issues from a different perspective, but OPC may be able to help fund your tour if we have common goals. Our issue is the proposed rule of only allowing one cup of startchy vegtables per week. Those vegetables include: lima beans, corn, peas and potatoes. The rule would also not allow any of those to be served at breakfast. I have a complete informational sheet if you are interested. If you would like to discuss how we could participate, either email or call (503) 239-4763. The following nutritional guidelines compare potatoes and bananas:
    Potato w/ skin Banana
    Calories 93 89
    Sugars 1.18 12.23
    Starch 17.27 5.38
    Fiber 3.0 3.1
    Protein 2.50 1.09
    Vit C 9.6 8.7
    Vit A 10 64
    Calcium 15 5
    Magnesium 28 27
    Potassium 738 422

  4. JP says:

    What a great idea at a time that there has never been a greater need! I would like to support your cause because there has been a rise of obesity over the last three decades that contribute to the chronic diseases that are killing us. I believe the children deserve a better chance at a healthy future.
    Our family has a summer home in Blythe, CA. Perhaps we can put you up for the night and have some supper with us. Blythe is the last town in California before you enter AZ. Please let me know when you expect to arrive in that area.
    Wishing you all the best on your mission!

    • Thanks so much for your offer of hospitality, JP. I’ll be in touch if and when I pass through Blythe – it would be wonderful to connect with you and your family. Keep riding and live well!

  5. Great plan! Any chance you’ll be in the Charlottesville, VA area for Labor Day? We have a farm tour planned, and a bike route could be arranged, I’m sure! We have very active groups interested in school foods and biking around here….. ??

    • Kathy – A farm tour sounds like a great event! Unfortunately I won’t be there during Labor day – I’ll be passing through your area mid-April 2012. Perhaps we could organize an event then? Let’s chat and see if we can make something happen!

  6. Heather Lorincz says:

    We would love to host you at Conant Elementary in Bloomfield Hills, MI. We are putting in our school garden this August and I have recently taken on the district “lunch lady” to get a salad bar in our school to tie into our “healthy initiative”. I also live down the street from the school so you would have a warm shower and a backyard to camp in.

  7. Ann says:

    This is basically my dream. I’m so glad someone is doing it. Best of luck!

    Have you considered taking the Great Allegheny Passage ( from DC headed northwest (ends in Pittsburgh)? It would be 320 miles of lovely trail riding which could be a nice break near the end of your journey. Plus, you could then stop in Pittsburgh (where I am!) and speak to the Pittsburgh Food Policy Council (which I’m on) as well as some schools/bike shops in the area. The Environmental Charter School ( here in Pittsburgh could be a great school to start at and the Free Ride Community Bike shop ( would be another awesome stop.

    Just some ideas!

    • Hi Ann, thanks for the suggestions! The Passage sounds like an excellent alternative to highway riding – I’m going to see if I could fit it into my route. If I end up in Pittsburgh I will definitely get in touch. It would be wonderful to connect and learn more about your area. Your thoughts are much appreciated.


  8. Annie Low says:

    Please let me know when you will hit Albuquerque, New Mexico. I am an elementary school teacher and we want to show how we are doing things right!!! Would love to ride with you while you are here and you must meet our school lunch caterer! She is awesome and prepares awesome foods for our elementary kids/lunch. GREAT IDEA! BEST OF LUCK GETTING STARTED!

    • That sounds great, Annie! Let’s definitely hook up. I am planning to be in Albuquerque late November and can’t wait to see what your school has happening! I’ll email with details.


  9. Luis Gomez says:

    Hello, my name is Luis and i currently attend Kerman High school, and i would like to know if you could come visit our school to discuss the importance of good nutrition. If you could attend and visit my school you may contact me at my e-mail: , thank you for your time and consideration.

  10. Dear Sara,
    What you are doing is awesome. I would like to invite yoy to my children’s school Yucaipa Christian. We are a small school with pre-k thru sixth grade approx 250 kids. It looks you will be in our area Yucaipa Ca in early Nov. Our school developed a cycling program (STRADACORSA) kids 4th thru 6th grade train through out the the year to participate in our spring tour to AZ our kids ride approximately 300 miles over 6 days from Yucaipa Ca to Peoria Az to raise money for the school’s fitness and nutrition programs. My son has completed the tour twice and is only 12 years old. We will also be hosting our FALL FAMILY RIDE AND FITNESS FESTIVAL ON NOV 5TH, The ride will range from 5 mile family ride on up to a metric century. We will also have health oriented vendors and a fun zone for the kids. Childhood obesity is such a huge problem and school nutrition and promoting healthy lifestyles is so important.

    Thank You so Much for what you are doing. Good luck on your journey and we hope to hear from you,
    Elaine Barrie

  11. R. Capistrant says:

    Would love to have you in Minnesota–cycling family has been trying for YEARS to get healthy lunches. So many just tell us, “Make & send your own lunch if you don’t like school menu.” Hot dogs once a week in Litchfield, MN. But I am a teacher as well as parent and I want to support the school lunch program. Help!

  12. Steve says:

    Dear Sara – What a wonderful journey you have embarked on to help kids eat healthy lunches, it is very important to the future leaders of our great nation. My wife and 3 kids are here in Beaverton, OR if you get the chance we would like to meet up with you. Good luck on your ride and be safe!

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