Smiling and pedaling

I was lucky enough to fit in a quick spin on the knobby tires out at Phil’s Trail last Sunday. I figure since I’ll be spending the next 10 months riding on the road, a little mountain bike cross-training is justified. Check out this great clip of our fast and flowy afternoon ride.

Video and edit by Dustin Fletcher.


Riding for a cause

I would like to present you with a challenge: The next time you hop on two wheels, consider why you ride. What are the merits of pedaling a bicycle? Freedom, happiness, fitness, transportation, speed, fresh air, strength; those are a few words that pop into my mind. But what about YOU? What words do your brain conjure when you roll your shiny pedal-powered steed down your driveway?

The beauty of bikes is that everyone is rides  for a different reason. In one month I will start pedaling for healthy kids. I see my 6,000 mile route as an opportunity to share this message with the countless communities that I will visit along the way. But you don’t have to travel all the way across the country to positively impact the lives of yourself and others.

I encourage you to simply make cycling a conscious act. Smile. Be courteous. Take a moment to appreciate the wind in your hair or the goosebumps on your arm as you speed down that first, chilly hill. Invite a friend to join you. If you allow your love of riding to shine through others will sense your enthusiasm. You may even inspire a stranger to air up their tires and try their hand at riding once again.

Ride for a cause. Ride for health. Ride for joy. Ride towards the future. 

Kids on bikes… lots of them!

Bikes! Snow! Bikes + snow? = Cyclocross. This week Bend is hosting the Cyclocross National Championships… it has brought forth a profusion of cyclists young and old, large and small, professional racers and recreational riders. For those of you who aren’t familiar with ‘Cross racing, visit PDX ‘Cross for a visual representation of what might be the most diverse cycling event around. In brief, a race usually involves skinny tires, mud, a bit of running, and A LOT of smiles. I love Cyclocross because it feels like a true celebration of ‘all things bike’. Out on the course it is highly probable you will see a lycra-clad athlete riding alongside a fellow bike-lover huffing and puffing in his jeans. Seriously.

My favorite part about this week’s event is watching the kiddos. The crowds always cheer the loudest for those teeny boys and girls pedaling their little hearts out. These young cyclists warm my heart! Introducing bikes to a child early in life is a key component to developing a lifelong cyclist who rides for fitness, transport and enjoyment.

What about the non-racers? I believe strongly in providing access to bikes for ALL youth – not only those privileged enough to attend a National Championship. In that vein, for youth who simply want to give their cycling legs a trial spin, The Bend Endurance Academy created a bike rodeo featuring a skill building obstacle course, loaner bikes & helmets. Bend also is home to a fantastic Community Bike Shed that refurbishes and services bikes for low-income residents.

I’m off to watch the races. I’ll try to get some photos of the kiddos and the crowds to post later on!