SFT in the classroom

Young energy is contagious! I have spent the last month refining my classroom curriculum and working with schools  in Bend, Oregon on food and bike issues. I am concurrently amazed by the students’ creativity and insight while also becoming increasingly inspired by their enthusiasm to get involved in creating change in our community.

Here I am sharing the Tour route with a group of 6th graders at REALMS in Bend, Oregon:


Last week we went through the process of creating ‘Action Plans’ around any food issue that the students felt was important. Projects included original songs promoting fair trade, websites with healthy eating tips, flyers raising awareness about poverty, a local food rally and presentations to elementary school classes. You can find my action plan lesson outline for the REALMS 6th graders here.

Below is a group of students preparing for their ‘Eat Local’ rally:

I can’t wait to share the Tour curriculum with classrooms across the country. We are going to have SO MUCH FUN!!

2011 – An action-packed first week!

The School Food Tour enjoyed a week of snowy respite from blogging. Pictured above is a sparkling day on the ski trails of Central Oregon. Now – It’s GO TIME!

This week: Back to school…

I’ll be spending some time in middle and high school classrooms examining the most effective lesson flow and classroom management strategies for the SFT curriculum. Also: Camera Shopping! What do YOU shoot with?


Panasonic LX5:

Nikon D3100:

READERS: What do YOU shoot with? I would love your suggestions.


Cheers to 2011! -Sara