The Portland Bicycle Show

I can’t imagine a city that loves its bikes more than Portland, Oregon. Its two-wheeled (and sometimes three!) pedaling obsession was proudly displayed this past weekend at the Portland Bicycle Show. While I entered the show a bit groggy from my early morning drive with a sick dog and multiple pit stops, I was soon swept up in the energy of the event and was chatting up a storm. As I grabbed a Clif Bar sample, the energetic guys from Ruckus Components tagged my coffee cup with a sticker and I was off in a flurry to the next booth in line.

I attended the show with dual purposes. My role as School Food Tour ‘Spokes’woman allowed me to connect with many like-minded folks and I was pleasantly surprised with how many attendees were very interested in both cycling and good food.

Along with promoting the School Food Tour I was also there as an ambassador of People for Bikes and spent my days collecting signatures, handing out buttons and spreading the good word of bike love.  People for Bikes is working to gather one million signatures of people who are ‘for bikes’ – unifying cyclists and leveraging our collective voice in Washington DC.  This great program is an initiative of Bikes Belong, a national bike advocacy organization. If you haven’t done so yet, please sign the pledge!

It was a fantastic two days of bike-related celebrations and cycling gear. There really was something there for everyone – children and adults alike had smiles on their faces. A few other photos from the weekend:

There was a freestyle area:

A test-ride track:

Ryan Leech gave an amazing trials riding demo:

Family fun:

More photos here.

Cycling Caps, Pledges & Partnerships

There were a few exciting packages waiting for me upon my return home from Montana this week…


A box from People For Bikes containing pledge sheets, stickers, buttons and a sweet jersey. Along the Tour route I will be assisting this awesome organization in collecting 1 million signatures of “people for bikes”. This initiative of Bikes Belong is focused on “getting us closer to a bike friendly tomorrow”. I’m happy to be able to contribute to this great program. And I am pleased to report that I’ve already collected 6 signatures! Add your name to the movement here.


A second, equally encouraging package was from Octopus Caps – a small Midwest company that sews super stylish custom cycling caps. What does this mean? Coming soon: School Food Tour HATS!!

They sent me a size run in a variety of sample colors. I will be placing a small order with them soon and I can already tell that it’s going to be difficult to choose my favorite style. Get in touch if you’re interested in one of these limited edition Tour caps!

People for Bikes – Tour Article

First of all, sign the pledge if you are for bikes! Secondly, this awesome organization just posted a fun article about the Tour: “Better food + bicycling = the recipe for reducing childhood obesity”

People for Bikes aims to “unite one million voices to improve the future of biking” and I am excited to partner with them as we work towards developing a healthier, more cycling-centric society. I will be collecting signatures for their bike pledge along the School Food Tour route so if you see me roll by, be sure to flag me down and pen your name! There will be be sweet buttons & stickers to be had, but even more importantly, you will be joining the force of people who are for bikes!