Today is your day!

Wow! The School Food Tour begins in exactly 2 months. I have loads of tasks to complete before I leave, but thanks to a quick getaway to Mexico I am feeling fresh and ready to charge. Check out this great sign that I happened upon at a local artisan’s market:


Now that I’m home, reality has set in. 2 months and I hit the road! Although I absolutely can’t wait to start rolling, coordinating logistics and the time that I dedicate to a planning a ride such as this can be overwhelming at times. Here’s a few of my strategies to ensure that I stay organized, sane and on-task:

  • Make a to-do list. EVERY DAY.
  • Stand up and walk around every hour. Seriously.
  • Don’t let tasks linger. As an old ski coach of mine used to say: “Git ‘er done!”
  • Add some variety to your day. Take a break from the computer to make a phone call or run an errand.
  • Budget time to get some fresh air. Even if it’s only a quick dog-walk.

Interested in starting a project? YOU CAN! Just carve out a few minutes each day. Start talking to people about your interest and momentum will build. Remember the theme of this post: Today is your day!