Celebrating bikes at Santa Barbara High School

Bikes, smoothies, rockin’ music and lots of smiles – those words pretty much sum up last Thursday afternoon at Santa Barbara High School. The fantastic students from Don’s Net Cafe hosted me on campus for the day. After a few class presentations, a campus tour and lunch at the mobile cafe it was time for the big event: SFT at Santa Barbara High School.

The High School has a great new bicycle repair center and bike club down near the automotive shop. This location was showcased during our event through a DJ, bicycle blender & raffle prizes. DJ Rayne turned up the tunes as soon as the final bell rang and soon students were pouring into our bike zone. Smoothies were made, stickers snatched up and dance moves busted out. I spoke for a few minutes about my bike trip and then drew the grand prize ticket from the bag. Someone was about to win a refurbished bicycle donated by Bici Centro, the local bicycle co-op. The young man with the winning ticket had acquired a new bike just last year – so he decided to spread the love and give his prize to another student. This petite gal was ecstatic with her friend’s kindness and cruised around the parking lot on her new ride, smiling and waving to the crowd.

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I had a wonderful time getting to know the Don’s Net Cafe crew and their incredible teacher Miss B. A HUGE thank-you to everyone involved with this event. It was a great success and I hope the momentum will carry forward into future projects for the school. I (heart) SB!!


Santa Barbara event – Oct 13

The School Food Tour will be attending SBici Centro’s opening celebration of their new bike shop at Santa Barbara High School on October 13. Additional partners include Don’s Net Cafe and Pedal Power! of Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition. There will be food, music, bikes, smiles and a presentation by yours truly. Stop by, say hello and support youth cycling in Santa Barbara.

More info here: 

Santa Barbara – put October 13 on your calendar!