Cycling Math

Question: How many communities can a girl visit during a 6,000 mile bicycle tour?

Answer: It depends on how fast she rides!

In case you were curious: Planning a 6,000 mile, 9 month bike tour is a complicated endeavor!  I have been poring over maps, rereading emails, crunching numbers with the calculator and creating draft after draft of Tour calendars… A finalized route and timeline is almost ready. My most recent revelations:

  • Washington DC is a go!
  • 30: # of official Tour locations I will have time to visit
  • 50 miles/day is a conservative estimate of average cycling rate
  • What if it snows in Atlanta again next year?!

I will be posting a tentative list of communities soon. In the meantime you can see my detailed proposed route in segments*:

Oregon to San Fran

San Fran to Arizona

Arizona to Texas

Texas to South Carolina

South Carolina to Ohio

Ohio to Michigan

*note – the markers on the map are completely arbitrary and do not necessarily indicate Tour stops.


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