Timeline spreadsheet

A first draft of the Tour timeline in spreadsheet format. I think this will be easier to read than the calendar version. Tangible progress!

SFT Timeline

Also, I am fairly certain I will ride faster than I have projected. This means that I will have time to include additional communities and schools along the route. This timeline will be in a constant state of refinement.


Final timeline & pilot testing

This week: My timeline will be completed!

(I’d like to add¬†that projecting how far and how fast one will complete various legs of a bike tour a whole 1 year prior to departure is a laborious task and not to be undertaken lightly… I’m pretty sure route planning will prove to be more difficult than actually riding the Tour!)

Additionally, I had a super successful meeting last week with a local middle school. The staff are really enthusiastic about the Tour and keen to get their students involved. I am lucky that the teachers are also willing to give me some feedback about the curriculum. The end result is going to be productive, exciting and interactive classroom sessions. Fantastic progress!