Tour calendar – First draft is complete!

Start: August 20, 2011 in Bend, Oregon

Finish: June 1, 2012 in Houghton, Michigan

Check out the calendar!

*A nifty spreadsheet with Tour dates and locations will be completed on Monday to complement the calendar.


One thought on “Tour calendar – First draft is complete!

  1. Danna Wolf says:

    We would LOVE to have to come to our school district.
    We are Highland Park ISD in Dallas. THE wealthiest school district in the state of Texas with intelligent parents….over 90% of the adult population of our town has at least a bachelors degree…..but our kids get served the worst junk at school!! Chicken strips and fries, lunch meat sandwiches, and candy/ soda is sold on campus to raise money for class projects!! It’s sad. My 15-year-old son wants to take his own lunch now …not a cool thing to do… but he doesn’t want to eat what is available. Money clearly isn’t the issue here…’s education!! The kids could make this happen from the inside…with a little help and encouragement from someone like you.
    So please consider a stop in our beautiful little neighborhood. We promise to greet you warmly….and get you some great publicity for this noble cause!!

    Best of luck to you, Sara.
    Danna….along with Brian, Alex, and Ian

    PS….. link to our district is

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