Timeline spreadsheet

A first draft of the Tour timeline in spreadsheet format. I think this will be easier to read than the calendar version. Tangible progress!

SFT Timeline

Also, I am fairly certain I will ride faster than I have projected. This means that I will have time to include additional communities and schools along the route. This timeline will be in a constant state of refinement.


4 thoughts on “Timeline spreadsheet

    • Hi Lisa, thanks for your interest! I probably won’t be passing through Wisconsin but I will definitely be in touch if my the Tour route changes. I’m in the process of developing a ‘virtual participation’ program so please let me know if that is something your schools might be interested in.


  1. Joe Heathcock says:

    Great project!

    Ride through Pocahontas county and see the farm, right next door to Pearl Buck’s birthplace.

    Good luck from a fellow bikingfoodie!

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