Tour favorites of the Week

Hi everyone! The biggest event of the week in my world was the receipt of the School Food Tour Logo… Below is the final version:

And here’s my top news picks of the week:

School Food Challenges: A report from Chicago schools highlight the issue of plate waste

Hilarious: (yet sad because it’s often true) Xtranormal cartoon about the food industry and nutrition, “Are you drinking food industry Koolaid?”

Physical Inactivity Map: The CDC released a county-by-county map indicating percentage of physically inactive adults in the US.

Ed Bruske (aka ‘The Slow Cook’): Who will pay for healthier school food?

Inside a school cafeteria: A great interview with Jan Poppendieck that looks at who makes decisions inside the kitchen

School Breakfast Toolkit: Share Our Strength provides a page of excellent resources for teachers and schools to “help close the breakfast gap”


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