Tour favorites of the Week

Hi everyone! The biggest event of the week in my world was the receipt of the School Food Tour Logo… Below is the final version:

And here’s my top news picks of the week:

School Food Challenges: A report from Chicago schools highlight the issue of plate waste

Hilarious: (yet sad because it’s often true) Xtranormal cartoon about the food industry and nutrition, “Are you drinking food industry Koolaid?”

Physical Inactivity Map: The CDC released a county-by-county map indicating percentage of physically inactive adults in the US.

Ed Bruske (aka ‘The Slow Cook’): Who will pay for healthier school food?

Inside a school cafeteria: A great interview with Jan Poppendieck that looks at who makes decisions inside the kitchen

School Breakfast Toolkit: Share Our Strength provides a page of excellent resources for teachers and schools to “help close the breakfast gap”


US Food Atlas – CDC

The CDC has a really neat new resource available for use: a map that details food access nationwide. The county-by-county data allow users to gain some perspective on population demographics and health stats such as food insecurity, NSLP (Nat’l School Lunch Prog) participants and physical activity levels. This comprehensive tool is user-friendly and a valuable addition to the public health knowledge base. Check it out!