Lesson learned this weekend: tenacity may not be measurable, but it is most definitely perceptible.

I spent the past few days volunteering at the Tenacity Games in Hood River, Oregon with the crew from the John Wayne Cancer Foundation & athletes from Team Duke. The Games are a cancer awareness and fundraising event put on by the Foundation that includes the sports of kiteboarding, stand-up paddling and kayaking.

Attendees varied from professional athletes to cancer survivors and everyone had a story to share about why there were there and who they were honoring through their participation. I had the opportunity to spend time with a number of young adults who had been attendees at a recent cancer survivor camp in Maui.

Looking into their eyes, I finally understood the meaning of tenacity: their gazes were filled with a determination to live, an appreciation of the hundreds of folks who came out to support their struggle and a thankfulness for simply being present on that day.                I can only hope that while on the Tour I will be blessed with a small portion of the grace & tenacity with which they acted all weekend.

The John Wayne Cancer Foundation is the School Food Tour’s primary sponsor and I feel honored to be a part of their fantastic and passionate family. Healthy food and physical activity are two important components of cancer prevention and I look forward to sharing this message with the classes and adults that I will meet along my route. For more information about Team Duke and the John Wayne Cancer Foundation, please visit their website: http://teamduke.org. You can even become a Team Duke member (it’s free!) and dedicate your personal challenge to the fight against cancer.


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