Chain links for my ears

Style isn’t a major, or even a minor, concern while on a bike tour. I only have 2 wardrobe options and I don’t bring along girlie luxuries such as makeup, hair products or even a full-size towel. (Tell this to most 8th grade girls and watch their minds be blown.)

However one silly item has remained a constant – whether riding through a downpour, presenting to students or relaxing around a campfire: Earrings. After a day of riding when you’re exhausted, sweaty and probably pretty stinky, a nice pair of earrings is a cheerful addition to your demeanor.

Well, I received a very special new pair from Pedal Chic in Greenville, SC. These earrings are noteworthy not only because they are beautiful but also because they were hand-crafted by Ron, the shop’s mechanic. It turns out that the unassuming man who tuned up my bike and replaced the chain is also capable of artfully designing bike-related jewelry!

Chain links for my ears!

If you happen to find yourself in Greenville, please do stop by Pedal Chic and meet their wonderful and inspiring crew.


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