Stylish ladies on bikes

Imagine a female-friendly bike shop that caters to your average novice woman rider. One that organizes ‘Sip n’ Spin’ cruiser rides and carries darling Nutcase helmets. Well, you’re in luck, because it exists! Greenville, South Carolina, is home to Pedal Chic, a great shop that hosted me when I passed through town last month. Not only did the owner host me in her home but she also organized events, scheduled me a massage, had her mechanic tune my bike and attended my school presentations. I can’t say enough great things about Pedal Chic – if you’re in Greenville, pay them a visit!

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Sterling School, Greenville

Sterling Elementary in Greenville, SC might just win the award for most enthusiastic crowd of the SFT! Q&A could have continued indefinitely and I was lucky to receive an impressive number of hugs after my presentation. Managing an entire school’s worth of K-5th graders might seem like a difficult task, but Sterling’s students were rapt with attention. Enjoy these photos courtesy of Principal ¬†Johnstone.

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Sterling Elementary is a leader in the community, promoting healthy eating and locally sourced products whenever possible. Thank you, Mr. Johnstone and the students of Sterling for a wonderful visit!

Chain links for my ears

Style isn’t a major, or even a minor, concern while on a bike tour. I only have 2 wardrobe options and I don’t bring along girlie luxuries such as makeup, hair products or even a full-size towel. (Tell this to most 8th grade girls and watch their minds be blown.)

However one silly item has remained a constant – whether riding through a downpour, presenting to students or relaxing around a campfire: Earrings. After a day of riding when you’re exhausted, sweaty and probably pretty stinky, a nice pair of earrings is a cheerful addition to your demeanor.

Well, I received a very special new pair from Pedal Chic in Greenville, SC. These earrings are noteworthy not only because they are beautiful but also because they were hand-crafted by Ron, the shop’s mechanic. It turns out that the unassuming man who tuned up my bike and replaced the chain is also capable of artfully designing bike-related jewelry!

Chain links for my ears!

If you happen to find yourself in Greenville, please do stop by Pedal Chic and meet their wonderful and inspiring crew.