2011 – An action-packed first week!

The School Food Tour enjoyed a week of snowy respite from blogging. Pictured above is a sparkling day on the ski trails of Central Oregon. Now – It’s GO TIME!

This week: Back to school…

I’ll be spending some time in middle and high school classrooms examining the most effective lesson flow and classroom management strategies for the SFT curriculum. Also: Camera Shopping! What do YOU shoot with?


Panasonic LX5:

Nikon D3100:

READERS: What do YOU shoot with? I would love your suggestions.


Cheers to 2011! -Sara

Cali, New Mexico, Wisconsin and more!

Suggestions for stops along the School Food Tour Route have been flooding in. Thanks to everyone who has contacted me so far! I am encouraged by all of your positive notes and can’t wait to connect with the many farmers, teachers and community food advocates who are all doing fantastic work.

I will continue to update the map on my Route page as I refine the Tour’s scope.

Cheers and happy Saturday to you all!


I received an exciting package in the mail today: detailed maps that I will use to plan the Tour route! Traveling across the country by bicycle is an exciting prospect and my enthusiasm continues to grow as I plot out destinations.

I am striving to plan a route that visits a diverse sample of communities and schools across the country. Please contact me if you have any route suggestions!