Tour favorites of the Week

Hi everyone! The biggest event of the week in my world was the receipt of the School Food Tour Logo… Below is the final version:

And here’s my top news picks of the week:

School Food Challenges: A report from Chicago schools highlight the issue of plate waste

Hilarious: (yet sad because it’s often true) Xtranormal cartoon about the food industry and nutrition, “Are you drinking food industry Koolaid?”

Physical Inactivity Map: The CDC released a county-by-county map indicating percentage of physically inactive adults in the US.

Ed Bruske (aka ‘The Slow Cook’): Who will pay for healthier school food?

Inside a school cafeteria: A great interview with Jan Poppendieck that looks at who makes decisions inside the kitchen

School Breakfast Toolkit: Share Our Strength provides a page of excellent resources for teachers and schools to “help close the breakfast gap”


Food Justice

What a great sticker! I picked it up at the Food Justice Conference in Eugene, Oregon over President’s Day weekend. The meetings explored “the history and future of our food system with a focus on sustainability, equity and community”. It was an inspirational three days of conversations with a huge variety of professionals – from farmers to academicians, everyone had a place at the table.

My favorite session was a talk entitled “New Media and Food Activism” with Naomi Starkman from Civil Eats. The discussion ranged from Twitter to 50 Cent (a mainstream Rap artist for you non-pop culture folks… don’t worry, I didn’t know who he was either!) to farmer internet access. It also turned me onto this little gem:

The main message of the conference: define food justice for you and then create a strategy towards achieving this aim. I have an ongoing definition of food justice in my notebook… The current draft states:

“Food justice is open knowledge of where food comes from and available resources to grow one’s own, along with equitable access to healthy food that is procured from a system that follows responsible cultivation and fair compensation for its workers.”

What’s your definition of Food Justice?

Last thought: The human factor – passion – is our most powerful asset!

Tour Favorites of the Week

Well, it’s my birthday today… And although I usually struggle to put my computer away and take a break from School Food Tour planning, when a special personal holiday coincides with a 3 day snow accumulation of 45 inches (seriously!) the draw of powdery play time overwhelms me. Below are the rosy cheeks of one happy birthday girl.

Onto business! I’m trying a new format for sharing all the neat news tidbits that I read: ONE comprehensive weekly post. So here goes…

Weekly News Update

Again, feedback is welcome – would you rather read a bunch of consistent short articles or get them all at once?